Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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The colonel swung a machine pistol

At everyone and no one. 

The racket was thunderous

The dust-cloud blinding. 

The General raised his hand

And made the pain in the ears and eyes

Diminish and then to disappear entirely. 

The other Iron Birds were gone

The blades of the General's bird winding down.

The two soldiers stood at ease

In the sultry mid-morning heat

To wait until it was quiet. 

And when it was quiet they waited. 

At last two people separated

From the masses which had moved

To the shade of a wooded hillside

And slowly approached the pair. 

They were Richard of Amwell

And his second, Anne of Amwell.  

The four shook hands formally.

While the aides made brief

Guarded but innocuous remarks

The Chairman of the First Country Congress

Escorted the General to occupy a large

Flat boulder in view of all the Outsiders. 

It was some charged minutes

Before either man spoke.




            Acutely aware of the enormity of the outcome of this meeting, each was uncertain how to embark.  The Chairman recognized the general from his picture in newspapers and on the box, and as an elder version of the man who helped free Europe in World War II.  He mentioned it casually.

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