Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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Tele-radar charted the snail-like

Ever-closing course of the Outsiders

Through the long days and nights

While reconnaissance helicopters

Reported the slightest movement

To the General at his headquarters

Atop the Trade Center in Chicago. 

The General who was retired

Had been living in Charleston

Gardening, golfing, drinking

Dictating his memoirs

And becoming increasingly distressed

That he could not retire his mind

Had accepted with his usual

Outward stoic calm and private trepidation

The call to command the forces

And, if necessary, repel the invasion. 

Now he blinked every waking second

Smoked when he was not eating

And was back to drinking at night. 

Bedtime found his tall stiff frame

Stooped and aching as though

He had stormed Normandy all by himself. 

This was no ordinary enemy

If ever there was such a thing

And no ordinary civil uprising. 

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