Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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Part Two



One day

A man sat down.

He sat down all day thinking

About the friend

He was too impatient to listen to.

The wife who had died and he missed her too late.

The symphony seat he’d owned but not sat in.

The seeds he had bought but not planted.

The love he now kept inside him.

Things he had left undone.

Things of no certain value.

He was in New York

Had arrived on the 8:49.

He was late so he took a cab

And when he got out

At his glass and concrete place of busyness

He noticed a bench.

Starting up the steps he paused.

He was drawn to the bench

Where he sat through the day thinking.

Thousands of people in fashionable grey

Scraped and clicked by

Only a face or two turning to heed

A man out of line, at a bench

His lips parted, his eyes in a stare

His cheeks glistening with tears.

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