Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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Alas, things did not thus change from The Day

But ended man’s brief life and Earth’s long one complete.

Written before was mere fanciful play

A naive poet’s conceit.

Well, how oft do dreams truly befall

Gods or men act for good, if at all?

While the first attempt to destroy the Amwell commune failed

Others did not.

Erasing the plot. 

Destroying the lot.

Congress reformed, part martial, part manic

Change made in panic is generally titanic.

Scientists all, despite facts and sound reason

Imprisoned, oh yes, for facts labeled treason.

Warnings and worryings—oh, no, no, no!

It’s ho-ho-ho-ho and the old status quo.

But before very long, would you’ve possibly guessed

That we humans would be found below ground with the rest?

For, escaping the scorching of earth from the holes

That we made in the ozone, there was no zone.

No one dared rise to the blistering heat unless dated

Beyond fifty and once eaten, their bare bones cremated.  

Men made it sport to hunt down a hoarder

Of the gaseous sludge that we drank and called water,

And those selling sugar pills made of cocaine

Thus reducing the number of those who’d eaten the slain.

Water, as always, was ever the theme.

As the earth’s core got hotter, wells issued mere steam.

Soon nothing to wash with, not even to drink.

Rivers and lakes dried, a shock, come to think,

The wild deep Atlantic a billion square mile sink!

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