Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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“There will be no factories with people wasting their lives manning noisy machines.  We shall emulate the self-sustained villages and towns of the 18th century but with 20th century no-how.” 

No radio or teevee?  Does that mean no entertainment except books and old movies?

“Entertainment definitely.  Live entertainment.  Professional acting, dance and opera companies, and bands and orchestras based every large community and touring each commune.  Performing artists, acrobats, comedians, poets and—the list is endless.”

Now, even before Anne said her name, applause erupted for the lady with the French cooking show.  Even her crackly voice when she began was interrupted by laughter. 

Packaged or canned and fixed quick designed,

My parents worked full-time, so that’s how we ‘dined.’

Then after college I traveled to France

To work in a restaurant, garden behind   

Fruit trees and veggies well-tended and vined,

Smart, I said, saving from shopping plus francs

No, not the reason, chef said with no thanks.          

As he offered a spoonful of lightly-cooked beans,

Nothing added, no spices, we don’t like to waste.

My mouth was so shocked with the very first taste

That it shouted so loud it fair burst my young ears,



Laughter and clapping followed the chef to her seat.  Anne said, “All our food comes fresh each day from the gardens.  Larger communities will have tailors, dressmakers, cobblers, carpenters and artists—imagine living with beautiful things found only in antique shops and art galleries?  Wearing hand-made clothes only the rich could afford.” 

Anne stepped down and the familiar growl of a designer of haute couture read. 

I learned how to sew when I was just three

From my granny whom everyone called Granny Bee.

We lived in the south so I wasn’t allowed

To have my own shop, to work and be proud.

So I sewed and I sewed till a man came and showed

How I could own a shop in the heart of the town.

You see, he was white and had some renown

So his name and not mine was the name of the shop

And I’d work in the back all the day till I drop

Making dresses for all of the rich and smart wives

And, natur’ly, some who were only part wives.     

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