Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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Simply on the grounds

That they're surrounded by water

And don't demand a splashy

Wedding for their daughter -

Just because they don't make noise

Bite little gulls, wrestle with buoys

Or pout when their drink is spilled

Or giggle when tickled or cry when killed

Or demand Intensive Care when they spawn

Or a poem set in granite when they're gone

Or for something full of fish-food act very wise

Or close their eyes

Is no reason to imagine that a carp or coddy

Hasn't as much right to be current as anybody.

Until rivers were spanned

And lakes were soiled

And oil was spilled

And inlets jammed

And some of them canned

And harbors spoiled

And ponds were filled

And streams were dammed

Fish with their cold hearts contentedly swam

With nothing more pithy to mouth than I am. 

I am. 

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